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H & C Cleaning Services are Waste Removal specialists in the North East of England.  Whether you are in need of a cleaning company for Waste Removal, we are here to help you with your waste removal needs.

  • One off Emergency waste removal service  available to meet your needs
  • No minimum term contracts
  • NOW: Antiviral Sanitisation to kill 99% of germs and viruses
  • Professional, Fully trained and insured cleaners you can trust
  • Custom cleaning checklist – you tell us what to clean
  • Same and next day service available 
  • Available 7 days a week
  • We Use the Bright HR Virtual Clocking in / Clocking Out System 
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We are here to solve your waste removal problems

Aligned with high quality Waste Removal Service delivery is an unparalleled desire to provide a premium  customer service to our customers in the North East of England. Our Team use the best methods to remove waste professionally.

Domestic Waste Removal in the North East

Living in the North East and need to remove waste in your home? We have the tools, skills and team to help.


Waste Removal Cleaning in the North East

Say goodbye to waste and hello to a cleaner environment with H&C Services. Our reliable waste removal solutions in the North East ensure hassle-free disposal at competitive rates.


Why North East residents may need Waste Removal Services

Professionalism and Reliability: H&C Cleaning Services is renowned for its professionalism. They understand that timely and efficient waste removal is crucial for both hygiene and safety. H&C prides itself on reliability, adhering to scheduled pick-up times and maintaining open communication with clients to ensure services are performed seamlessly and without disruption.

Customized Waste Solutions: H&C offers tailored waste removal services that cater to the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s residential curbside pickup or large-scale commercial waste management, H&C designs their service offerings around the specific requirements and schedules of their clients. This bespoke approach ensures that all waste management needs are met comprehensively.

Eco-Friendly Practices: In today’s environmentally conscious world, H&C stands out by prioritizing sustainable practices in their waste removal services. They go beyond mere disposal, engaging in recycling and responsible waste sorting to minimize environmental impact. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices helps clients reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Advanced Technology and Equipment: H&C employs the latest technology and equipment in waste management, which enhances the efficiency of their services. Their state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles is well-maintained and equipped to handle various types of waste, ensuring safe and effective disposal.

Comprehensive Services: Beyond just waste removal, H&C provides additional services such as recycling, yard waste collection, and special waste disposal, offering a one-stop solution for all waste management needs. This comprehensive approach saves clients time and effort in coordinating multiple services.

Exceptional Customer Service: H&C Cleaning Services places a high priority on customer satisfaction. Their team is trained to address queries and provide support promptly and courteously, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for all clients.

Let us help you with your Waste Removal needs

Our 60 Point Waste Removal Checklist

Preparation and Planning

  1. Confirm the schedule and location with the client.
  2. Review client-specific instructions and requirements.
  3. Gather necessary waste removal equipment and tools.
  4. Ensure all team members are briefed on the day’s tasks.
  5. Verify transportation and disposal means are ready.
  6. Check weather conditions and plan accordingly.
  7. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  8. Perform a safety check on all equipment.

Waste Segregation and Collection

  1. Identify types of waste to be collected (recyclable, non-recyclable, hazardous).
  2. Segregate waste at the source according to type.
  3. Use color-coded bins for different types of waste.
  4. Ensure that recyclables are clean and uncontaminated.
  5. Separate biodegradable waste for composting.
  6. Securely bag and tie non-recyclable waste.
  7. Handle hazardous waste with special care, using designated containers.
  8. Label containers clearly if contents are hazardous.
  9. Ensure that electronic waste is separated.
  10. Collect medical or pharmaceutical waste separately, if applicable.

Loading and Transportation

  1. Check that the loading area is safe and unobstructed.
  2. Load waste into the truck using proper lifting techniques.
  3. Ensure waste is not overflowing and is secured in the vehicle.
  4. Cover the load to prevent spillage during transportation.
  5. Confirm the route to the disposal or recycling facility.
  6. Transport waste in compliance with local regulations.
  7. Record the amount and type of waste transported.

Disposal and Recycling

  1. Unload waste at designated disposal or recycling centers.
  2. Verify that waste is disposed of in the correct area or facility.
  3. Ensure recyclables are delivered to appropriate processing areas.
  4. Handle any fees or paperwork required at disposal sites.
  5. Obtain receipts or certificates of disposal for tracked waste.
  6. Clean and sanitize vehicle and equipment post-unloading.

Compliance and Reporting

  1. Document all waste volumes and disposal methods.
  2. Maintain records of hazardous waste handling.
  3. Ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  4. Report any issues or incidents during waste removal.
  5. Update waste management plans as necessary.

Cleanup and Maintenance

  1. Clean up any spillage during collection and loading.
  2. Inspect collection areas for residual waste.
  3. Perform a final area sweep for cleanliness.
  4. Sanitize bins and collection tools post-use.
  5. Store all equipment neatly and securely.
  6. Perform regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment.

Safety and Hygiene

  1. Review safety protocols regularly.
  2. Dispose of used PPE properly.
  3. Conduct regular health and safety training for staff.
  4. Use hand sanitizers or wash hands thoroughly after handling waste.
  5. Report and address any injuries or accidents immediately.

Customer Service and Feedback

  1. Confirm completion of service with the client.
  2. Provide waste disposal documentation to the client.
  3. Address any client concerns or questions on-site.
  4. Offer advice on waste reduction and segregation practices.
  5. Schedule next pickup or service date.
  6. Collect feedback to improve services.
  7. Thank clients for their cooperation and business.

Review and Improvement

  1. Debrief with the team post-service.
  2. Discuss any challenges or improvements needed.
  3. Analyze client feedback for service enhancements.
  4. Update protocols and training based on recent experiences.
  5. Plan for upcoming waste removal tasks or contracts.
  6. Continuously innovate to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Let us help you with your Waste Removal Cleaning needs

Frequently Asked Questions

We handle a broad range of residential waste, including general household trash, yard debris, bulky items like furniture and appliances, and special waste such as electronics and hazardous materials. We ensure that all waste is segregated and disposed of according to local regulations.

Our company is committed to environmental stewardship. We adhere to all local and national waste disposal regulations and work closely with recycling and waste management facilities to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled or reused, reducing landfill impact.

We offer competitive pricing based on the volume of waste, frequency of collection, and the type of materials to be removed. We can provide a detailed quote after a brief consultation to assess your specific waste removal needs.

We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your needs, including one-time pickups, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. We can customize the frequency of our visits based on the volume of waste you typically generate and your personal preferences.

Yes, there are certain items that we are unable to remove due to safety and regulatory reasons. These typically include materials like asbestos, certain chemicals, and biohazardous waste. We can provide a detailed list of prohibited items and suggest alternative disposal methods if necessary.

Safety is a top priority for our team. We ensure that all staff are trained in proper handling and disposal techniques and equipped with the necessary safety gear, including gloves, masks, and protective clothing. We also maintain our equipment regularly to ensure it meets safety standards.

Waste Removal

Let us help you with your Waste Removal needs

Areas we cover

If you live in the North East and  have ever asked the question “Where are Waste Removal companies in my area” then H & C Cleaning Services are the answer!!    We don’t only serve customers in North East.  We have a Teams in all parts of Tyne & Wear including Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesborough and all related districts.  For details on all the areas we cover you should go to our special Waste Removal  near me.

Select one of the links above to find out more about how H & C Cleaning offer garden cleaning services  in your area.  Alternatively you can give us a call on 0191 440 4323 to book a gutter clean today.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say about Us

Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Extremely high level of cleanliness and work, very professional but always add that personal touch! Will definitely be getting back in touch for more work. 100% recommend.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Office cleaning. Excellent level of service
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Very impressed with the deep clean carried out today by H&C cleaning services, staff arrived on time and were very friendly and efficient. All products, equipment etc were provided by H&C cleaning making it a stress free process for myself. All rooms were left spotless.Amazing attention to detail and very thorough. Exceptional service.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Whole House Clean Amazing cleaners. Always come when they’re supposed to, really friendly and polite, never miss a spot. They don’t mind the dogs being around their legs when they’re working either. Very reasonable price and get everything done quickly.

Why Choose H & C Cleaning Services to Remove Waste

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Clean​

We can offer Garden Cleaning in the North East on a regular basis. Whatever your needs, Weekly, Fortnightly or once a Month we’ll match your schedule. If a One off Clean is more appropriate for your needs we also offer a One off Cleaning Service.

No minimum term contracts

Contracts with H & C Cleaning Services are not tied to a fix term. You can cancel at any time.

Antiviral Sanitation​

Your health and safety are of paramount importance. We use cleaning products that are BS EN 1276 certified. We also offer a Virus Decontamination Service.

Fully trained and insured cleaners​

All our staff are rigorously interviewed to confirm they can keep to our code of ethics. We ensure each member of staff goes through extensive training. All our staff are also fully insured.

Available 7 Days a Week​

Our Team are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. Just give us a call!!

Same and Next Day Cleaning​

If you have any urgent cleaning requirements we can help. We can cover Same and Next Day Cleaning to our customers.

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