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Oven Cleaning in the North East

Is your oven starting to look grimy? Cleaning the oven is one of those household chores that many find to difficult and really annoying. We offer a reliable, professional, no fuss cleaning service and strive to deliver an excellent service that we hope will leave you satisfied.  

With our expert cleaners, your oven will be thoroughly cleaned with any traces of grease or dirt removed. We make that happen with the use of non-toxic and non-caustic cleaners safe for you and the environment as well. Let us do the jobs you hate, after all we are professionals!

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly Oven cleanings available
  • No minimum term contracts
  • NOW: Antiviral Sanitisation to kill 99% of germs and viruses
  • Professional, Fully trained and insured cleaners you can trust
  • Same and next day service available 
  • Available 7 days a week
  • We Use the Bright HR Virtual Clocking in / Clocking Out System
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What will H&C Cleaning Services do when we perform an Oven Clean

Oven cleaning can be a difficult and time-consuming task that many people simply don’t have the time or energy to do themselves. That’s where H & C Cleaning Services comes in. Our team of professionals provides expert oven cleaning services that will leave your oven looking and functioning like new.

When you choose H & C Cleaning Services for your oven cleaning needs, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process. Our team of trained professionals uses a range of techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that your oven is cleaned to the highest standards.

The first step in our oven cleaning process is to remove all the removable parts of the oven, including racks, trays, and panels. These parts are then soaked in a specially formulated cleaning solution that effectively removes grease and grime. While the removable parts are soaking, we use a combination of techniques to clean the interior of your oven, including scraping away any built-up grease and grime, wiping down the surfaces, and using steam to loosen and remove any remaining dirt or debris.

Once the interior of the oven is thoroughly cleaned, we will reassemble the removable parts and clean the exterior of the oven, including the oven door and control panel. We will also check the oven’s functioning to ensure that it is working correctly before we leave.

At H & C Cleaning Services, we take pride in our work and strive to provide our clients with the highest quality oven cleaning services. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your oven is not only clean but also safe and functioning correctly.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional oven cleaning service, look no further than H & C Cleaning Services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and let us take care of the hard work for you.

Who We Work With

Our 60 Point Oven Cleaning Checklist

  • Remove all removable parts of the oven
  • Soak the removable parts in a cleaning solution
  • Clean the interior of the oven
  • Scrape away built-up grease and grime
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Use steam to loosen and remove remaining dirt or debris
  • Reassemble removable parts
  • Clean exterior of oven
  • Clean oven door
  • Clean control panel
  • Check oven functioning
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Provide expert oven cleaning services
  • Thorough and comprehensive cleaning process
  • Remove grease and grime
  • Clean oven to highest standards
  • Use range of cleaning techniques
  • Take pride in work
  • Strive for highest quality oven cleaning services
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Ensure oven is safe
  • Ensure oven is functioning correctly
  • Provide reliable and professional service
  • Use safe and effective cleaning solutions
  • Eliminate any unpleasant odors
  • Use appropriate protective gear
  • Clean oven racks
  • Clean oven trays
  • Clean oven panels
  • Remove all food debris
  • Remove all burnt-on stains
  • Remove all grease buildup
  • Clean oven fan
  • Clean oven light
  • Clean oven thermometer
  • Clean oven seals
  • Clean oven glass
  • Clean oven exterior surfaces
  • Clean oven knobs and buttons
  • Remove all food residues
  • Remove all oil residues
  • Remove all carbon residues
  • Clean oven door hinges
  • Clean oven door seals
  • Clean oven door glass
  • Remove all stains and marks
  • Remove all oil build-up
  • Remove all grease build-up
  • Remove all carbon build-up
  • Clean oven interior walls
  • Clean oven floor
  • Use gentle cleaning solutions where necessary
  • Clean oven thermostat
  • Clean oven grill
  • Clean oven warming drawer
  • Clean oven exhaust fan
  • Clean oven hob
  • Clean oven burners
  • Clean oven control panel knobs
  • Leave the oven spotlessly clean and functional

What Our Clients Say about Us

Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Extremely high level of cleanliness and work, very professional but always add that personal touch! Will definitely be getting back in touch for more work. 100% recommend.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Office cleaning. Excellent level of service
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Very impressed with the deep clean carried out today by H&C cleaning services, staff arrived on time and were very friendly and efficient. All products, equipment etc were provided by H&C cleaning making it a stress free process for myself. All rooms were left spotless.Amazing attention to detail and very thorough. Exceptional service.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Whole House Clean Amazing cleaners. Always come when they’re supposed to, really friendly and polite, never miss a spot. They don’t mind the dogs being around their legs when they’re working either. Very reasonable price and get everything done quickly.

Our Cleaning Work

Look at some of the ways we help our Clients

H & C Cleaning available across the North East

We Service locations throughout the North East of England:

Oven Clean Newcastle

Oven Clean Gateshead

Why Choose H&C Cleaning Services

Whatever your needs, if you need to call us in to Clean your property on a one off basis then we can help.  If a Weekly, Fortnightly or once a Month Clean is more appropriate for your needs we also offer a Oven Cleaning Service.

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Clean

We can offer Cleaning on a regular basis.  Whatever your needs, Weekly, Fortnightly or once a Month we’ll match your schedule.  If a One off Clean is more appropriate for your needs we also offer a One off Cleaning Service.

No minimum term contracts

Contracts with H & C Cleaning Services are not tied to a fix term.  You can cancel at any time.

Antiviral Sanitation

Your health and safety are of paramount importance.  We use cleaning products that are BS EN 1276 certified.  We also offer a Virus Decontamination Service.

Fully trained and insured cleaners

All our staff are rigorously interviewed to confirm they can keep to our code of ethics.  We ensure each member of staff goes through extensive training.  All our staff are also fully insured.

Available 7 Days a Week

Our Team are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just give us a call!!

Same and Next Day Cleaning

If you have any urgent cleaning requirements we can help.  We can cover Same and Next Day Cleaning  to our customers.

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