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H & C Cleaning Services are Garden Cleaning specialists in the North East of England.  Whether you are in need of a cleaning company for Domestic Gutter cleaning, we are here to help you with your cleaning needs.

  • One off Emergency cleaning service  available to meet your needs
  • No minimum term contracts
  • NOW: Antiviral Sanitisation to kill 99% of germs and viruses
  • Professional, Fully trained and insured cleaners you can trust
  • Custom cleaning checklist – you tell us what to clean
  • Same and next day service available 
  • Available 7 days a week
  • We Use the Bright HR Virtual Clocking in / Clocking Out System 
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Aligned with high quality Garden Cleaning Service delivery is an unparalleled desire to provide a premium  customer service to our customers in the North East of England. Our Team use the best methods to clean your gutters professionally.

Domestic Garden Cleaning in the North East

Living in the North East and need to give the gardens in your house a good clean? We have the tools, skills and team to help.


Gutter Cleaning in the North East

Leaves, Rocks and other blockages in your garden? Don't worry H&C Cleaning can get rid of any mess.


Why North East residents may need Garden Cleaning

Choosing H&C Cleaning Services for your garden maintenance can transform your outdoor spaces into well-manicured and thriving environments. Here’s why H&C should be your top choice:

Expertise and Professionalism – H&C Cleaning Services employs a team of gardening experts who are not only skilled in the nuances of garden care but also trained in the latest horticultural techniques. This means they can handle everything from basic lawn care to more complex garden features like ornamental shrubs and flower beds, ensuring all aspects of your garden are professionally managed.

Customized Services – Understanding that each garden is unique, H&C offers customized gardening services tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client. Whether you need regular lawn mowing, seasonal pruning, or specialized landscaping, H&C can adapt their services to match the exact requirements of your garden, helping to maintain its health and aesthetics throughout the year.

Use of High-Quality Equipment – With access to high-end gardening tools and equipment, H&C ensures efficient and effective garden maintenance. This professional-grade equipment helps them to perform tasks more thoroughly and quickly than could be achieved manually, from leaf blowers to precision edgers, ensuring every corner of your garden looks neat and tidy.

Sustainable Practices – H&C Cleaning Services is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly products and methods wherever possible. This includes organic fertilizers and pest control measures that protect your plants without harming the environment. Choosing H&C helps ensure that your garden not only looks good but also remains a safe haven for wildlife and a healthy part of the ecosystem.

Reliability and Affordability – Known for their reliability, H&C sticks to scheduled appointments and completes projects efficiently. They offer competitive pricing, making professional garden maintenance accessible without compromising on quality.

Choosing H&C Cleaning Services means investing in the health and beauty of your garden with experts who care about delivering tangible results and excellent customer service. It’s a decision that can bring peace of mind and allow you to enjoy a pristine garden all year round.

Let us help you with your Garden Cleaning needs

Our 60 Point Garden Cleaning Checklist

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

  1. Confirm appointment with homeowner.
  2. Review garden layout and specific client instructions.
  3. Gather all necessary tools and equipment.
  4. Wear appropriate safety and protective gear.
  5. Set up any necessary barriers or signs for safety.
  6. Assess weather conditions to ensure safety and effective cleaning.

Lawn Care

  1. Remove debris and litter from the lawn.
  2. Mow the lawn to an even height.
  3. Edge along sidewalks and garden borders.
  4. Aerate the lawn to improve soil health.
  5. Apply eco-friendly fertilizer.
  6. Overseed patchy areas to encourage full growth.
  7. Water the lawn thoroughly.
  8. Collect and properly dispose of grass clippings.

Plant and Flower Bed Care

  1. Weed all flower beds and garden paths.
  2. Prune dead or overgrown branches from shrubs and trees.
  3. Deadhead flowers to promote new growth.
  4. Apply mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture.
  5. Check for signs of plant disease or pests.
  6. Apply organic pest control solutions if needed.
  7. Plant seasonal flowers or plants, if requested.
  8. Water all plants according to their specific needs.

Pathway and Patio Maintenance

  1. Sweep debris from pathways and patios.
  2. Wash down patios with a pressure washer.
  3. Clean and align patio furniture.
  4. Remove weeds from between patio stones.
  5. Check for and repair any loose stones or pavers.
  6. Clear pathways of any obstructions.

Special Features Care

  1. Clean and refill bird baths and feeders.
  2. Tidy up water features (ponds, fountains).
  3. Remove algae or leaves from water features.
  4. Check pumps and filters in water features.
  5. Clean and organize garden sheds or storage areas.
  6. Maintain and clean outdoor lighting fixtures.
  7. Oil garden tools and machinery.

Waste Removal and Composting

  1. Collect all organic waste for composting.
  2. Separate recyclable waste from non-recyclables.
  3. Ensure proper disposal of chemical or hazardous waste.
  4. Clean and sanitize compost bins.
  5. Turn the compost pile to aid decomposition

Safety and Finishing Touches

  1. Inspect garden for any remaining debris or tools.
  2. Remove all equipment and clean up the work area.
  3. Store all tools and materials properly.
  4. Walk through the garden to ensure all tasks are completed.
  5. Check that all gates and access points are secure.
  6. Replace any furniture or items moved during cleaning.
  7. Final watering of the garden if required.
  8. Lock up any sheds or storage boxes.
  9. Document any issues or additional work required.
  10. Report to the homeowner and provide a summary of tasks completed.

Customer Interaction

  1. Address any concerns the homeowner may have.
  2. Discuss the health of the garden and any observations.
  3. Recommend next steps or follow-up care.
  4. Provide guidance on daily maintenance until the next visit.
  5. Schedule the next cleaning appointment.
  6. Provide contact information for follow-up questions.
  7. Ask for feedback on the service provided.
  8. Thank the homeowner for their business.
  9. Follow up with an email or call to ensure satisfaction.
  10. Update client records with service details and notes.

Let us help you with your Garden Cleaning needs

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a comprehensive range of garden cleaning services, including lawn mowing, edging, weeding, mulching, leaf removal, pruning of shrubs and trees, and general yard cleanup. We also provide care for specific garden features such as patios, pathways, and water features.

The frequency of garden cleaning and maintenance depends on various factors, including the type and size of your garden, the season, and your specific landscaping needs. Most homeowners benefit from a bi-weekly or monthly service during the growing season and less frequent visits during the off-season. We can customize a schedule that best fits your garden’s needs.

Yes, we prioritize environmentally friendly practices in all our gardening services. This includes using organic fertilizers and pest control methods, conserving water, and employing sustainable waste management practices like composting organic debris.

Yes, we come fully equipped with all necessary tools and supplies to efficiently and effectively clean and maintain your garden. This includes professional-grade lawn mowers, trimmers, blowers, and eco-friendly gardening products.

In the case of bad weather, we will reschedule your garden cleaning to the next available slot that suits your convenience. Safety is our priority, and we avoid performing garden maintenance in conditions that could be hazardous or lead to ineffective results.

Absolutely, all of our team members are fully insured and undergo rigorous training to handle garden cleaning equipment safely and provide the best care for your garden. Our staff are knowledgeable in horticulture practices to ensure that your garden is treated with the utmost care and expertise.

Garden Cleaning

Let us help you with your Garden Cleaning needs

Areas we cover

If you live in the North East and  have ever asked the question “Where are Garden cleaning companies in my area” then H & C Cleaning Services are the answer!!    We don’t only serve customers in North East.  We have a Teams in all parts of Tyne & Wear including Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesborough and all related districts.  For details on all the areas we cover you should go to our special Carpet Cleaning near me.

Select one of the links above to find out more about how H & C Cleaning offer garden cleaning services  in your area.  Alternatively you can give us a call on 0191 440 4323 to book a gutter clean today.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say about Us

Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Extremely high level of cleanliness and work, very professional but always add that personal touch! Will definitely be getting back in touch for more work. 100% recommend.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Office cleaning. Excellent level of service
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Very impressed with the deep clean carried out today by H&C cleaning services, staff arrived on time and were very friendly and efficient. All products, equipment etc were provided by H&C cleaning making it a stress free process for myself. All rooms were left spotless.Amazing attention to detail and very thorough. Exceptional service.
Verified Checkatrade Customer
Verified Checkatrade Customer
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Whole House Clean Amazing cleaners. Always come when they’re supposed to, really friendly and polite, never miss a spot. They don’t mind the dogs being around their legs when they’re working either. Very reasonable price and get everything done quickly.

Why Choose H & C Cleaning Services to clean your Garden

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Clean​

We can offer Garden Cleaning in the North East on a regular basis. Whatever your needs, Weekly, Fortnightly or once a Month we’ll match your schedule. If a One off Clean is more appropriate for your needs we also offer a One off Cleaning Service.

No minimum term contracts

Contracts with H & C Cleaning Services are not tied to a fix term. You can cancel at any time.

Antiviral Sanitation​

Your health and safety are of paramount importance. We use cleaning products that are BS EN 1276 certified. We also offer a Virus Decontamination Service.

Fully trained and insured cleaners​

All our staff are rigorously interviewed to confirm they can keep to our code of ethics. We ensure each member of staff goes through extensive training. All our staff are also fully insured.

Available 7 Days a Week​

Our Team are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. Just give us a call!!

Same and Next Day Cleaning​

If you have any urgent cleaning requirements we can help. We can cover Same and Next Day Cleaning to our customers.

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