Virus Decontamination Service

Virus Decontamination Service

Sanitation Service using BS EN 1276 certified products

H & C Cleaning offer a Home and Commercial Sanitising Service in Newcastle, Gateshead and the North East. Our Services is based on Guidelines stipulated by Public Health England. The Cleaning Products that we use are BS EN 1276 certified.

BS EN 1276 Products are chemical disinfectant products that kill
viruses and other bacteria such as MRSA, salmonella, E. coli, flu virus (H1N1) and is recommended as treatment against Covid-19 bacteria.

When you contact us to perform an Anti Viral deep clean our team members wear protective gear including masks, gloves, goggles and protective overshoes.


Professional Decontamination Service with Ozone Generator against COVID-19

For those who believe  someone has entered their Premise who has been infected with the Covid-19 we suggest that you use our Ozone Generator Decontamination Service. 

What is Ozone Sanitisation:

Coronaviruses have been classified as an  “enveloped viruses”.  Envelop viruses are more susceptible to “Physico-chemical challenges” and as such do not thrive under exposure to ozone particles.

Ozone decontamination  treatments destroy these types of virus by breaking through the outer shell also using a process called oxidation. Exposing Coronaviruses to sufficient ozone dose (ppm x time) can result in  99.22% being destroyed.

Why use our Ozone Decontamination Service

H & C Cleaning Services use a market leading fully mobile Ozone Generator, specifically designed for use by Health, Safety and Housekeeping Professionals, to sanitise rooms through the control of airborne or surface dwelling infections as well as the rapid and complete elimination of odours.  This Specialist disinfection service uses Ozone Sterilisation to remove unwanted bacteria.

Vehicle Sanitisation Service

As Covid-19 continues to be pose a significant threat to health in Newcastle, Gateshead and the North East of England there is the additional risk of the infection being transferred to any place where you may frequent -including your Car, Bus or Commercial Vehicle.

If you are concerned that someone has travelled in your vehicle who has contracted the virus it is vitally important that you  thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle.  The H & C Cleaning Vehicle Sanitisation team contains specialist cleaning professionals trained to Sanitise your vehicle.

Following Guidance from the UK Government on cleaning in non-healthcare settings,  We have created a comprehensive 28 Point checklist comprising areas in the car that are potential candidates for infection to dwell and we would perform a Deep Vehicle Sanitation.

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